A value-added tool

Drivers of corporate growth, information technologies enable even the greatest challenges to be met. To be effective, they must ensure genuine consistency between the company’s strategy and the employees’ objectives.   Beyond the ergonomics of the tool and the issue of technical feasibility, we at ASENIUM know from experience that our clients’ main expectations for an ERP system are modularity and, most importantly, scalability. The implementation of an ERP system is a real challenge as it has to take into account the integration of future hurdles.

A long-term solution

Who says that an ERP system is meant to be frozen for several years? It would be illusory to think that your company does not need to review its organisational choices and objectives on an ongoing basis. Your management system, whatever the strengths of its initial configuration, should be able to adapt to requests for necessary changes so that your company may maintain its level of productivity and competitiveness. To help you improve your ERP system and optimise its use, Asenium provides you up front with information technologies tailored to your company’s context.



Why choose Asenium?

Drawing on its 13 years of experience, ASENIUM excels in providing its clients with consulting services relating to information technologies. Among other things, we have a proven methodology for the seemless and reliable integration of ERP solutions  regardless of your business sector and the area in question. What’s more, once your core model has been built and is in production, we assist you with the end-to-end deployment of your solutions in accordance with the time frames and resources defined prior to your integration project. ASENIUM has appropriate human resources and skills to meet its commitments, thus ensuring the success of your projects.   Our clients also benefit from our international presence and reach, which ensure that we have the required resources and services to design, build, integrate and manage local solutions on every continent, taking into account the specific inherent local characteristics of each country. Our ongoing active technological monitoring provides us with a better view of the market, its trends, and the new information technologies that will enable our clients to improve the performance of their companies.

Areas & Technologies.


Market leader of management software packages, SAP® is an integrated management system that facilitates communication and exchange between the company's different business streams. At the heart of our activity since its creation, either in project mode or technical and functional support, Asenium will know how to optimise the solution that you have decided to implement within your organization


Asenium is able to support you in the implementation of Microsoft Solutions, making them more productive and therefore more efficient within your environment. This is thanks to our Competence Center and global network of independent experts


Customer Relationship Management software leader, Salesforce supports every step of your sales and service cycle. Asenium supports its Customers in the implementation and development of Salesforce solutions, including "Marketing" & "Customer Services"


A new organization aimed at Industry X.0 supported by Digital solutions is essential to create the tomorrow's added value. Breaking the boundaries between IT and Business, transforming operational processes but also evolving management models towards collaboration, organizing work remotely, developing transversality... These are the strategic Digital challenges Asenium proposes to deal with.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence supports the management of all a company's daily or strategic activities and participates in it's decision-making. We intervene as early as the scoping phase of the data collection methodology, following through with the entire cleaning / consolidation cycle up to the restitution via the automation of reporting and the implementation of DataViz tools.


Cloud Computing brings flexibility to your organization, ensures accessibility and continuity of service, and reduces your IT operating costs. Asenium accompanies you in the definition of your Cloud strategy and the implementation of IaaS, SaaS, PaaS or StaaS solutions from the audit phase to the start of production.

Our business models.

Technical assistance

You manage your ERP project ASENIUM provides you with functional, technical or business experts so that you benefit from the requisite SAP skills.

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ERP integration

You entrust us with your entire ERP project ASENIUM ensures that you benefit from end-to-end support for a tailor-made solution, as well as a methodology suited to your specific needs to maximise the success of your project.

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