Providing you with assistance

To assist you in integrating, upgrading and/or deploying your ERP/CRM system, ASENIUM has a flexible and responsive business model. We adapt to each stage of your project in accordance with your methodology. To ensure the success of your project, we provide you with end-to-end support. Whether it’s for Planning, Blueprint drafting, Testing, Commissioning, Upgrading of the Solution, a New Core Model, Roll-out or Application Maintenance, our Business Managers – supported by our Skills Centre – will take into account your company’s situation to put together an Asenium team in line with your project, within a very short time period. Our objective: To provide you with skills and expertise closely meeting your requirements.

SAP technical

From Blueprint drafting to Application Maintenance, ASENIUM’s “Sales Manager - Resource Manager” pair will provide you with access to the appropriate business, functional or technical skill for each stage of your project, through our Consultants and our network of independent Experts.
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SAP project

ASENIUM’s Consulting Business Unit provides you with a service in “project” mode, on a flat-rate basis, with a firm commitment to costs and deadlines.

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